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Chicken or the Egg?!

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The ever unresolved debate...which came first? The chicken or the egg?


At eatthewholeegg we frankly don't care. We love them both equally. The chicken, because they are surprisingly smart and wonderfully entertaining. The egg, because it literally is nature's perfect food.


I have been an advocate for eating the whole egg for a long...long....long time. It all started with a little itty-bitty, no nonsense nutrition book. Nothing exciting, 'just the facts ma'am' and whilst reading said book, I came to the realization that it indeed was important, actually crucial that we eat fat. And many...many...many years later upon butt-loads of research later, this wasn't just limited to the elite monounsaturated and polyunsaturated class, but ALL fats. Saturated, cholesterol...yes, baby you NEED them.


Now, let me step back a moment and preface that this does NOT include the evil hydrogenated fats. Do I even need to go into detail??   THEY SUCK.   Enough said.


My goal for the last 20+ years is to remake recipes/foods into delicious cuisine that is really, truly good for you. I challenge the status quo in all things, especially food. The food paradigm is slowly shifting due to some really awesome pioneers out there, and all along I have been quietly, diligently working with this shift. Now, I am coming out and sharing all that I have learned, experimented with and mastered.


I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy doing it! Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.


Dream it. Live it. Eat the whole egg!

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