Weight Loss Journey

I Survived the Movie Theater!

June 2, 2016

The theater.


Great fun for the family.  Have the chance for an afternoon or evening to transport yourself to another time or place.

Then, there is the smell of popcorn.




Now, that I have resolved to dropping some serious weight in the next two months, I find these challenges a little more, well….challenging.

I said that I don’t like counting calories and it is true, I don’t.  However, after I weighed myself and was up the pound I lost, I knew deep down that I needed to keep track and thusly, keep myself in check.  There is a great app called MyFitnessPal.  And it really makes counting easy, dare I say, FUN?!  But the part I get a kick out of, is that you can scan the barcodes of your food!  So sick!

So, after I entered the last couple days I found that all of my ‘oh, this won’t matter, it is so little…just pop it in the mouth and forget about it‘ food stuffs, really stuffed me. Like 2200 calories stuffed.


Enter in the movie theater.  We promised the kids we would go and I hatched a plan.  I would bring myself a chocolate protein shake and drink it up and tell myself it was a melted chocolate shake.

Yea, that will work….

And it did!  I was content the whole movie through and I didn’t feel like I suffered at all.  Woo hoo!

I had a great food day today, made myself a gorgeous beet salad.  Worked my butt off (462 calories off) with my awesome trainer John at No Excuses Gym and had a pretty fricking awesome day.

So, long story short?

ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN.  Never assume you will be ok, because once you do, you WILL give in.  Hunger is no laughing joke.  Protein shake, beef jerky, nuts…have SOMETHING on hand and you too will overcome your obstacles and not give in to those jerks pictured above.




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