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I am Sorry! – Eatthewholeegg
Self-Love Weight Loss Journey

July 4, 2016

So basically, I am a Liar.

I said I would blog everyday. I said I would blog the good, the bad the ugly. And that is what I want for this site. Truly a no bullshit approach to healthier lifestyle lead by food, but not limited to just that. It emcompasses it all. And hence the name Eatthewholeegg.


I didn’t.

I started out all enthusiastic. And even full of myself a bit. Nothing wrong with that, but I was hoping my enthusiasm would prevail. It would carry me through it all, the ups the downs, the chocolate…the ice cream.

And to some extent, that is true. And to some extent, well….


So, I am sorry.

Here is what happened.  I am going to be honest….steel yourselves, here it goes.

I am a believer that weight is not the only measure of success. You will see all shapes and sizes of persons and think, ‘I wonder what they weigh?’ Not as a criticism, but a way maybe of gauging yourself and your level of health. But, here is the freaky thing. On a good day I am 5’3″ and currently weigh 162 lbs. I still fit into a size 6-10 (girls, we all know how this crap works), when I am really down, I still weigh around 130 and fit into a 1-2. All that on a 5’3″ frame. The BMI (my translation of that is baloney mass index) tells me that my healthy weight for that height is between 105-135lbs.

Now, I would agree that I feel pretty good at 127-130. But, I would also tell you that at 123 lb (competition weight) I was at 12% bodyfat. Some quick math this reveals that with NO FAT on my body, I would weigh about 108lbs. Let’s refer back to my healthy BMI…shall we??? In all fairness, the BMI does provide a range, so lets do some more math. If I weighed 130lbs, I would have 22lbs of bodyfat or 17%. Now, am getting closer to the unhealthy range in the BMI scale.

However, 17% bodyfat is listed as a good range for a female athlete. ATHLETE. Ok, now lets say I weigh 140lbs….clearly according to the BMI chart I am overweight. Yet,that is 32lbs of bodyfat or 30%; which is listed as an AVERAGE or healthy bodyfat for a female. Hmmmm….so, the BMI chart says I am 5lbs overweight and the recommendations for body-fat say I am within average or healthy range. Is that a little F***ED up? Or is it just me?

Not doubting that I am in-fact, currently overweight.  Meaning, I have too much body-fat for optimal health and overall confidence.

But, I feel strong!  I have been training for the past 6 weeks and can do bear crawls, ropes, and planks like a beast.  And this doesn’t include figure skating, which I do 2-3 times  a week.  And REALLY figure skate.  Like jumps and spins and maxing my heart rate out consistently throughout the hour to hour and a half of training.

Long story short.  I am healthy.  We have all heard of the overweight person running a marathon.  And the skinny marathoner who dropped dead from a heart attack.


So….what is TRUE HEALTH?


That is what we are trying to define at Eatthewholeegg.

It isn’t just a number.  It is how you feel…mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is to some extent, how you look, but not gauged by the magazines and how others think you should look.  We can all look good and remember the best accessory anyone can have is a SMILE!  It is about BALANCE!! Is your road to health overtaking the rest of your life?  I realize there will some adjustments, some sacrifices.  But, is it to the point that EVERYTHING else falls away because there is no room for it?  This is supposed to be a lifestyle change, one that you can live with everyday, RIGHT?

So, I got wrapped up in the numbers.  And when I couldn’t see the scale move fast enough I started to let that be my crutch to eat and drink things that weren’t good for me and not post about it because I was ashamed!  I started to self sabotage my progress.  I was looking for a way to gauge my successes with numbers, ignoring the other things that I could be grateful for!

More Stamina?  YES!

Stronger? YES!

Increased Flexibility? YES!

Less cellulite? YES!

Better state of mind? YES!

Better sleep?  YES!

Better digestion?  YES!


Man!  I am doing great, huh?!


What are your changes?  List them.  Look at them.  Reflect on them.


And remember….Eatthewholeegg!



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